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Smart Storage Solutions for Apartment Living

Smart Storage Solutions For Apartment Living

“Finding Storage Solutions” (where there are none!)

Moving into an apartment can be an exciting adventure, offering a change in lifestyle and a host of modern amenities. However, the limited storage space in many apartment buildings poses a challenge for residents, especially downsizers who have accumulated a lifetime of possessions. At “Space Commander,” we understand the frustration caused by the lack of storage options. In this blog post, we will explore smart storage solutions, particularly our flagship “Over Car Bonnet Storage Unit,” designed to provide additional storage where there is none!

The Downsizer’s Delight

Apartment living has become increasingly popular among downsizers, offering spacious accommodation, the latest appliances, and convenient locations near transportation, shopping, and entertainment. Downsizers love the freedom from the commitment of maintaining a house and garden, enjoying more time for travel, entertainment, and general lifestyle choices.

The Storage Dilemma

Despite the many benefits of apartment living, the limited allocation of storage space in most buildings can be a source of frustration for residents. Builders often prioritise maximising the number of apartments rather than providing ample storage space. As a result, residents often find themselves dealing with cluttered bedrooms and balconies, struggling to find a place for their cherished belongings.

Benefits of considering an Over Car Bonnet Storage Unit

At Space Commander, we have been serving customers since 2004 as the market leader and original supplier of Apartment Basement storage solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Our flagship product, the Over Car Bonnet Storage Unit, was created to utilise the fresh air above a car bonnet and provide up to 3.2 cubic meters of additional storage capacity. Watch the video below to see how our innovative solution works!

The Versatility of Storage

Over Bonnet storage units are ideally designed for items that don’t require daily access, such as bikes, camping gear, BBQs, Christmas trees, suitcases, golf clubs, surfboards, tools, furniture, and electrical appliances. With the Over Car Bonnet Storage Unit, you can conveniently store your belongings and free up valuable space in your apartment.

Quality and Security

When choosing a storage solution, it’s crucial to consider the size, model, and brand. While there may be cheaper options available online, it’s essential to invest in a high-quality, secure storage unit. Imported models often lack durability and fall short on security features, leaving your belongings vulnerable to theft,  and in the case of repairs or modifications provide no after market support. Space Commander’s Over Bonnet Storage Units are made of sturdy metal, feature a 3-way locking mechanism, and comply with Australia Standards AS2890 Parking Facilities regulations, ensuring your items are safe and secure.

Getting Approval and Selecting the Right Unit

Installing an Over Car Bonnet Storage Unit typically requires approval from the Owners Corporation. Reach out to your resident Building Manager or professional Owners Corporation to learn about the application process and preferred suppliers. A professional supplier like Space Commander will visit your site, assess dimensions and compliance issues, and provide the necessary documentation to assist with Owners Corporation Approval

The Benefits of Choosing a Reputable Supplier

Opting for a reputable supplier offers several advantages. First, they provide real long-term guarantees and after-market support, including relocation, raising height to allow entry of larger car and repairs including parts replacement after an accidental collision. Additionally, reputable suppliers offer various options to suit your needs, including double-decker designs for increased storage capacity and low-height units for spaces with limited ceiling height or obstructions.

Flexible Financial Options

Investing in a basement storage solution is a considered decision. To ease the financial commitment, reputable suppliers now offer flexible options such as no fixed-term rentals or rent-to-buy arrangements. These options are particularly beneficial for short-term residents and renters, providing extra storage without the expense of purchasing or renting off-site storage


In conclusion, the lack of storage space in apartments should not limit your ability to enjoy a clutter-free living environment. Space Commander’s Over Car Bonnet Storage Unit offers a smart storage solution for apartment dwellers, providing ample space to securely store your belongings. With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust that your possessions will be readily accessible whenever you need them. Say goodbye to clutter and embrace the convenience of smart storage solutions!