Bicycle Lift, Hook and Hangers

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Melbourne is home to countless cyclists who often grapple with the challenge of storing their bicycles safely and efficiently. Smart Storage Solutions is here to help. Our ceiling mounted bicycle lift is the ideal solution for keeping your bicycle secure and out of the way whilst saving on valuable floor space. Versatile and user friendly, our ceiling mounted bicycle lift can be used for garages, apartments and small passive spaces whether you live in Melbourne or interstate.

Premium Quality Bicycle Wall Hook Melbourne 

At Smart Storage Solutions, we offer premium quality bicycle wall hooks in Melbourne and beyond that provide fantastic wall storage options. Created with sturdy and durable materials, our wall hooks are designed to withstand heavy weight and offer the ideal storage solution while seamlessly blending with your space.

The selection and installation process of our bicycle wall hooks is easier than it seems. Our expert team examines the size, weight and style of your bicycle to determine the ideal hook for your needs. For those unsure of how to install the hook securely, our team is always ready to assist with the necessary information and guidelines.

With options to suit all bicycle types and wall materials, our versatile bicycle wall hooks assure secure and convenient storage. Curated from superior brands, each of our bicycle wall hooks meets the highest standards of quality.

Reliable Bicycle Wall Hanger Melbourne

At Smart Storage Solutions, we offer affordable bicycle wall hangers in Melbourne and interstate made from high-quality materials. Designed with cyclists in mind, you can count on a visually appealing and accessible solution for bicycle storage. For a strong and secure hold, our wall hangers are thoughtfully constructed to accommodate various bicycle types. Most importantly, our bicycle wall hangers allow for easy access whenever you’re ready to hit the road.

For cyclists with multiple bicycles, our wall hangers provide an excellent means of stylish and convenient storage. Their clever design allows you to hang different bikes consecutively without any interference, effectively saving floor space and maintaining a tidy area.

How to Install a Ceiling Mounted Bicycle Lift 

Installing a ceiling-mounted bicycle lift isn’t as complicated as you might think. Firstly, you’ll need to identify the preferred storage location and then secure the lift hooks onto your ceiling’s joists. Set the distance between the lift hooks depending on your bicycle length, then attach the rope to the pulley mechanism. Once complete, simply hoist your bicycle off the ground.

It’s essential to double-check your setup to ensure your lift is secure and can handle your bicycle’s weight. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable installing the ceiling lift yourself, hiring a professional is always a safe bet.

Remember, you can always get in touch with us for professional consultation and product recommendations. We ensure each of our customers gets a product that suits their specific storage needs.

Why Choose Smart Storage Solutions for Ceiling Mounted Bicycle Lift in Melbourne?

  • Practical Solutions: We offer practical solutions tailored to residential, commercial, or industrial spaces.
  • Stellar Customer Service: Our 24/7 customer service team is always on hand to provide assistance.
  • Fast Delivery: We are renowned Melbourne-wide for the timely delivery of our products. For interstate orders, we offer competitive rates.
  • Safety Guarantee: All of our products are safe, approved and fit for use.
  • Sustainable Approach: We engage in a recycling program for older storage units to reduce waste.

Bicycle Storage Solutions in Melbourne and Beyond

Here at Smart Storage Solutions, we are proud to offer our services not just in central Melbourne but also across the wider metropolitan area. Our reliable storage solutions are accessible to nearby regions including Hawthorn, Carlton, and Richmond. Whether you need ceiling mounted bicycle lifts, bicycle wall hooks, or bicycle wall hangers in Melbourne, we are more than happy to provide you with the quality storage solutions you deserve.

Extending our reach beyond Melbourne for all bike storage items, we offer competitive courier rates for nationwide shipping across Australia. To get an accurate shipping cost for these items to destinations outside Melbourne, simply reach out to us – we’re here to assist you!