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Kenovo DuraTrax Wall Storage System

Transform your Garage, Garden Shed, Mud Room, or Laundry space effortlessly and select from our Kenovo DuraTrax Curated Wall Storage Kits. Elevate your organisation game with our versatile solution, designed to customise and adapt to your evolving storage needs. Say goodbye to cluttered floors and hello to a neatly arranged wall display, making finding what you need a breeze. The DuraTrax Curated Wall Storage Kit is an ideal place to begin your Smart Storage Solution journey.
Kenovo Duratrax Wall Storage System

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Begin your storage journey with our DuraTrax Curated Wall Storage Kits

Smart Storage Solutions present you with the worldwide trend of embracing the DuraTrax System for its unmatched adaptability in meeting your evolving storage needs. Elevating items off the floor and onto the wall not only frees up valuable space but also streamlines your daily routines by making items easily accessible.

Beginning your Journey by selecting from our pre selected range of Utility Hooks takes a lot of hastle from choosing the right Hooks. Our DuraTrax Curated Wall Storage Kits come in several handy combinations that can be evolved and expanded on demand. In addition we are always adding new Hooks to our range.